Custom tied micro patterns and assortments for sale

This site is dedicated to the use and success of fly fishing with small flies. At the current time, this means we are talking specifically about micro patterns usually used on tail water fisheries and slow moving spring creek environments.

These are fisheries with thousands of fish per mile where site fishing is the watchword of the day. And how many of us, including myself, have been frustrated by the difficulty of catching these fish.

Sz 24 micromidgeSz 20 microwormSz 24 micro caddis

icro Pupa - µMicro Worm - µMicro Caddis
(Sizes 18 to 30)

Patterns like these are available in fly shops nationwide. You can purchase them in the shops on the river along with the advice on how to use them.
But, if you look closely, you will rarely find patterns smaller than size 24.

For the slow water environment, sizes 26 and 28 are a must and even sometimes, a size 30.


How many times have you been on the river and seen a fisherman with or without a guide successfully hooking fish after fish?
And then, if you can get a straight answer, you don't have the pattern or size mentioned.

How many times, have you been on the river fishing a size 22 midge larva that isn't working?
And you don't have the size 24 that might be the ticket.

My goal is to supply sets of micro pattern flies in descending sizes in specific colors.


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