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Getting the most out of your presentation

Tippet configuration

Fine tippets are required for proper presentation of the micro sized flies. With a 5X tippet to start off a 9' leader configuration, put the 6X immediately below the split shot and 7X below the lead fly.

  • Approximately 4' to the strike indicator.
  • Approximately 2' to the split shot.
  • Approximately 1 1/2' to the lead fly.
  • Approximately 1 1/2' to the dropper fly

Tying on those small hooks
It is definitely intimidating to look at the small flies and the eye of those hooks. It takes a careful hand and the best thing to do is practice where you can drop the fly on a magnet sheet. You don't want to drop it on the river. Don't forget to clip the tippet at a 60 degree angle. This will make it much easier to pass the line thru the eye.

Here are some encouraging facts. The eyes of the smallest hooks are not that small.

  • Size 30 Hooks have a 2X eye. Tippet .009" will pass thru the eye.
  • Size 28 Hooks have a 0X eye. Tippet .011" will pass thru the eye.
  • Size 26 Hooks have a 0X eye. Tippet .011" will pass thru the eye.

Tying on the dropper
We all know the easiest method to tie on the dropper is to tie to the bend of the hook with an improved clinch loop. In micro midge fishing and best hook ability, the dropper needs to be tied on to the eye of the lead fly. The lead fly needs to stand out perpendicular to the tippet material.

The bottom line is that if you are using 6X to tie the lead fly, 7X tippet will pass thru the eye for the dropper.



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