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Strike Indicators

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various strike indicators

The science of Strike Indicators
Science--say what? These are sophisticated bobbers. Anything can be used from a good old wine cork to the reliable, easy to attach plastic bobber. And in fast water, most any configuration can be used. But, we are discussing slow, clear water, fishing small flies to spooky fish.

The reason the guides use those bushy yarn indicators is so they can quickly pick them up on the water when they have 2 or 3 clients in the boat. But those bushy indicators will put a shadow under the surface of slow moving water that will look strange to a fish. The smallest profile is the best technique.

Even the small styrofoam egg shaped indicators, held on with a toothpick should be avoided since they are too aerodynamic. No matter how small, they hit the water like a small stone.

  • For micro midge fishing, the strike indicator should be no larger then is easy for you to see.
  • The strike indicator should float to the surface and land as gently as possible.


Recommended Indicators

Foam stick-on: The easiest technique is to use the foam stick-ons. They are inexpensive and are throw away items. They are easy to adjust the position of the stick-on but, the drawback is they will leave an adhesive residue on the tippet.

Poly yarn: Next is to use a short length of poly yarn, color of your choice. Tied on with an overhand knot, up against a tippet connecting knot (blood or surgeons) should keep it in place. It's easy to cut off when finished and a throw away item.

Make your own: The yarn in the center of the above photo, is the yellow yarn from the bushy indicator in the top photo. From one of the bushy indicators, you can fabricate a couple dozen of the indicators as seen in the center above. Placed in a vice and bound with floss or thread of your liking creates a solid configuration that is easy to trim to any profile.

micro midge strike indicators

Practice attaching these to a tippet so you don't waste time on the river tying to get it to stay put.





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